Monday, March 9, 2009

The Waffle House!

So, im sitting at the counter waiting for my order to come up at a Waffle House in Atlanta Georgia right...this cook is singing hard!

I mean singing Lenny Williams like he's on tour! You know the song, "I Love You!" hitting all the notes! Ooooh oh oh oh oh ohhhh oh! While making grits and eggs lol

Now he is going hard at the Gap Band!

Gotta love the south


Myowne said...

I need to get down South soon. A singing cook making my breakfast would be awesome.

Tha L said...

Peace yo, just linked to your spot via Muze. Lenny Williams is the best when accompanied by the smell of grits & eggs LOL! We don't get THAT ish over here in the west :-(

Future said...

lol indeed, you should have been there