Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Jacksonville Mic Ripper

So im in Jacksonville Florida at this festival called "Art Walk." There are artist and vendors everywhere! I find a guy to get some time on a mic and its on!

After a brief 2 poem set I head over to this dope burrito spot and order a blackened fish burrito complete with the franks red hot hot sauce and some GHETTO SWEET sweat tea! No lie, it's like diabetes in a cup, JUST HOW I LIKE IT! All of a sudden I'm approached by a guy that's wants to offer me a sit down with some "wealthy investors who have started a label." Future the superstar? I have been down this road before....but it's always fun to stay tuned...


Right before I could press send, I was approached and told I was frickin awesome and that I'm about to blow! woohoooooo

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