Sunday, March 15, 2009

Good Day Gone Bad

So last blog I left you on a high note...riiiiight. Well, upon arriving at my performance venue im thinking to myself, "self, ima tear this show up!" Negative!

Not only was the club packed, the club was packed full of people who had ZERO I repeat ZEEEEROOOOO interest in listening to poetry!

The first artist hits the stage, the mic is 100% static, she yells at the crowd to shut up, the crowd yells back, people walk across her as she tries to perform, I mean, this is easily one of the most disgusting scenes I have ever been apart of.

Second cat gets on stage and yells, "if I offened anyone tonight I sincerely do not apologize!" this was funny and was about to get funnier as he spit while the audience danced and stood in the way of his film crew while they tried to capture video f br>3rd cat gets on stage and starts freestyling a coon song for all the idiots in the audience, its great! He then goes into his second piece, the crowd gets so loud he walks off the mic, jumps into the room full of noise makers and starts yelling, "get your hand outta my pocket!!!" It was the most beautiful ugly thing my eyes ever did see! I honestly don't know if I would have wanted to perform had it not been for the other artists who banged out regardless

Finally I am called on to close out the poetry. So, me being the idiot I am, i'm slow to the mic, shaking the hands of the brave performers before myself, I decide to act up a lil bit. So...before I even decide what piece to do, a group of girls walk across my stage, so I pause and tell the audience to clap for them as they needed to be seen. I cracked a joke on a cat drinking patron out the bottle all alone, and some fat dude with a muscle shirt HA! They hated me, some cat booed but F him, he was wearing skinny right

At any rate, at least im in VIP!

Question, is it ballin to buy a bottle when you don't have anywhere to sit?


I just saw the biggest girl ever drop it like its hot...WOW


Muze said...


wheeere the EFF are you?

that whole night was hilarity. i'd have to have videoed it or something. lol.

shouted you out on my blog, btw.

Tee said...

Oh my word! LMBO! This is a looong journey from The Wine Up... No more going whereever you were this night! And NO forgetting. LOL!

Ccep J. Dew said...


I need to come hang out with you. You are having way too much fun.

Yeah, should have started the docu this year. Classic material here...

Just Jasmine said...

LMAO heck no it's not ballin.
That's how they get you. Sure you can have a table, 2 bottle min.

Roni said...

Only You LOL