Saturday, March 7, 2009


So, we're in Tallahassee performing thursday night...great show, great crowd.

The show ends and we are selling CD's like candy to fat kids! Everything is great, things are smoother than they should be.

So, we leave the venue and make it to our car when we notice that 2 of Cuban's CD boxes are missing. The door to the car is not open nor is any glass broke, when I notice my book bag is missing!

We have been robbed! Cuban lost over 5'000 worth of product! Who steals CD'S ?! I lost a camera and my best underwear! This really sucks!

At any rate, we are ok, the show must go on and we will be in Charlotte North Carolina soon enough.

Thank You to everyone who voiced their concern

Donations! Lol

Stay Tuned.....


Tee said...

This is my SUPER sad face! But on a brighter side... You have a birthday coming soon! ;o) Be safe out there.

Shelle said...

oh wow that is just sux on so many levels...something good will come from it i bet. peace and blessings

Brian said...

Yo I know I'm late to reading this but I just saw this happened. This is crazy?? Did Keith or the people running Amen-Ra's know anything about it? Man I'm sad nonsense had to happen when yall came here. I'm going to be on the lookout for bootleg copies of Cuban's CD though.

Future said...

preciate the love folks. we are doing well now, in VA for shows