Thursday, August 5, 2010

Killer on the loose in Flint Michigan

ALERT: There is a serial killer in Genesee County. The News says that he is a stocky white male posing as if he needs help and then stabs his victims. Mostly older black males. Even if you don't fit the profile, BE CAREFUL!

My city needs help!

Friday, June 4, 2010

My Nike Commercial!

So, I had an opportunity to write a commercial for Nike while I was out in LA! This is the video, lets see what happens!!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Feelings like. . .

Normally I don't post my lyrics, but here goes nothing. . .


feelings often are socially transmitted diseases, it’s

easy to spread std’s like these when you don’t watch what you say

not thinking before you speak is like not watching with whom you lay

and since I'm always on display I never know who I may do next

so I practice safe text

I'm careful with the content of my context

careful not to spray I, lay text before I play text

play house

doctors orders:

lay out my oral erection in sections so you know what you getting

the lesson

is size, can be deceptive

should be concerned with if its tight, the fit and if you can work it right

some realize they’re good and start to work at night

skip ethics if the working price is right

say the right thing and they’ll work you tonight

might go straight to head if the line is tight

the vultures circle the spot light when that lime lit right

like freshman whores in college dorms, the line…is tight!

you might as well be on the mic 'cause everybody know what your business like

and its just like kids to kiss and tell, so you getting emails asking what the business is

but what you're missing is

you cant make a pass just to fit in

what you spit in got to sit in line with the mind receiving

I mean the quarterback, has to be in tune with the wide receivers!

so whether or not you’ll enjoy this started long before this evening or heavy breathing

you have to work out the word play, like lingerie

its more than underwear

you lace up the shape tough to intensify what’s already there

a gift is just a gift

but you bow tie and hide it under wrapping paper to show you really care

it might not be new, but

sometimes you want people to stop and stare

look away just to double take

make you break it down, slow it up, bring it back, work it out

tilt it just right to see what it looks and sounds like in a different light

and if its hitting right it might get ripped and torn, stripped bare

thoroughly tested, dissected, inspected inside and out

just to see the smiles and what comes out of their mouths

there is no greater pleasure than pleasing

except maybe a little teasing, a little teeth in the right places be anxious, for nothing

savor, everything

be present

in the present

Written by Edwin "Future" Wilson

Sunday, January 24, 2010


Some people say life is about moments. I can agree that in life there are moments. Some good, some bad, both are ever changing. I think as people we often rush from one moment to the next. Never fully enjoying or learning from the moment we're in at the time is like speeding towards a red light. You know that you have to stop, but for some reason you rush to it, you have to be there now!

If life is made up of moments, then not taking in every moment is like skipping out on parts of your life. Like dozing off on a movie and waking up asking, "what happened? What I miss?"

True enough, there are moments we all wish we could forget and moments we wish we could relive, but what about the moments we let pass us by? What about the moments we never paid any attention to?

Two nights ago a gentleman at my show told me he thought that my performance was the best thing he had ever heard. I immediately thought about all kinds of other artist, other performances, anything to feel like what he was saying wasn't true. I find it hard to accept a lot of compliments without feeling vain or unworthy of the praise I happen to be receiving at the time, but not only am I brushing off someones compliment, I'm robbing myself of encouragement i need. How many times have you felt like people didn't respect what you were doing? How many times have you wanted or wished someone would reach out and encourage you through tough times or times of challenge?

I know we all have felt as if people didn't care enough, but I also know that its easy to focus on the negative around you instead of the positive. It's like when people respond negatively to us, we forget all the positive things we have to be grateful for. We all have rainy days, but lets not forget that rainy days keep us inside with our loved ones, they make us want to rest, relax, chill out, things most of us don't get enough of.

It's easy to focus on what we want or what we don't have at the time. My challenge to you and to myself is to focus on the right now. Where are you right now? How do you feel right now? What GOOD are you doing right now?!

If life is but a moment, live for the moment!