Saturday, March 14, 2009

Interview on Ozcat

Good evening good's about 10:09pm on the west coast and the Golden Gate bridge is looking good.

So today I had the pleasure and honor of being interviewed on Ozcat radio in Vallejo California (the valley jo as E 40 calls it).

A good radio interview can make you feel like you're worth money you don't even have! (
) I love a good interview, a chance to open up about my wrriting in a way you may not hear from the stage or listening to my albums.

Oakland has been very receptive of me and I am loving them back! Not only was the networking great, but I broke the new album "Spit Personality" for the first time!

What else can I do but quote Ice Cube, today was a good day...and it's not over yet. As I type this im headed to downtown San Francisco fo r>Stay tuned

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Tee said...

Just listened to the interview.. Looking forward to hearing the rest of the album on April 4th immediately following the Release Show! Lol. Be safe out there.