Friday, March 13, 2009

Dog Tired....

Okay so...I am trying to catch up on sleep after another rock star like show scheduling on this tour.

Last night I was in Charlotte NC performing at the Wine Up (best show ever by the way) and the show let outt at 1:30am, I sold CD's till 2am, immediately hit the road to Raleigh NC and rrived there at 430am, was then dropped off at the RDU airport at 5am, hopped a flight to oakland at 6:15am.

Landed in Oakland at 10:45am. Left the freakin airport at 11:45am. Stopped to eat at Wing Zone at 1pm. Made it to my beautiful hotel with the hottest view (see pic above muahahahahaa) at 1:15pm and finally got to eat my delicious wings and fries.

My homey that plays pro ball comes to pick me up for a work out at 2pm and I am just now back in my room laying down. And after all that i'm not even freakin sleepy eater is across the street! I think i'll see "Last House on the Left"

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Tee said...

Rockstar Schedule!! Yeeeeeeah Boi!