Sunday, March 22, 2009

from the Bay to NC

So I apologize for the gap between blogs, I have been making adjustments out here on the road.

So I left you in Oakland (yeeeeee) which was freakin great! Little did I know my flight home would be an interesting one.

Ai fly from Oakland to Vegas no problem, quick and easy, but Vegas back to Raleigh NC is a hike!

After about an hour in the air this little girl gets sick. She's fainting and what not at first, then she starts throwing up all over the people next to her! It was great! You should have seen them grown folks jumping around like they were avoiding the plague, AWESOME!

So after an hour goes by, this guy close to me starts having heart issues, something about too much fun in Vegas For the first time in real life I heard, "is there a doctor on the plane!" no lie! The funny th rs on the plane!

So the docs are checking this guy out, they have the blood pressure thing for the arm and all. One of the flight attendants pulls out these huge head phones so she can talk to this med unit on the ground!

So the guy turns out to be okay after a little fainting spell and we land safely, best flight ever!


Tha L said...

Yeah, Vegas seems to have that affect on many people. Losing all your hard earned cash up in the casino does it every time! And, as a Vegas resident, I am very grateful...not for the heart issues, but for the consistent cashflow to my town.

Future said...

indeed indeed. whats good in Vegas by the way? on the ground i mean, away from the casinos....