Sunday, January 24, 2010


Some people say life is about moments. I can agree that in life there are moments. Some good, some bad, both are ever changing. I think as people we often rush from one moment to the next. Never fully enjoying or learning from the moment we're in at the time is like speeding towards a red light. You know that you have to stop, but for some reason you rush to it, you have to be there now!

If life is made up of moments, then not taking in every moment is like skipping out on parts of your life. Like dozing off on a movie and waking up asking, "what happened? What I miss?"

True enough, there are moments we all wish we could forget and moments we wish we could relive, but what about the moments we let pass us by? What about the moments we never paid any attention to?

Two nights ago a gentleman at my show told me he thought that my performance was the best thing he had ever heard. I immediately thought about all kinds of other artist, other performances, anything to feel like what he was saying wasn't true. I find it hard to accept a lot of compliments without feeling vain or unworthy of the praise I happen to be receiving at the time, but not only am I brushing off someones compliment, I'm robbing myself of encouragement i need. How many times have you felt like people didn't respect what you were doing? How many times have you wanted or wished someone would reach out and encourage you through tough times or times of challenge?

I know we all have felt as if people didn't care enough, but I also know that its easy to focus on the negative around you instead of the positive. It's like when people respond negatively to us, we forget all the positive things we have to be grateful for. We all have rainy days, but lets not forget that rainy days keep us inside with our loved ones, they make us want to rest, relax, chill out, things most of us don't get enough of.

It's easy to focus on what we want or what we don't have at the time. My challenge to you and to myself is to focus on the right now. Where are you right now? How do you feel right now? What GOOD are you doing right now?!

If life is but a moment, live for the moment!



Muze said...

i love this post.

so many moments i've let slip by without thought. time is precious and something we can never get back.

thanks for reminding me.

post of the week at she's so flyy! :-)

hope all is well!

Future said...

thanks for the love Muze! All is great this way.