Saturday, November 14, 2009

An Honor

Recently I performed at the University of Toledo. I was invited by a young lady who (while in high school) learned about my work from her African Studies teacher. Not only was this the first class of its kind at her school, but I was the first Spoken Word artist she had heard of.

Its always an honor when someone approaches you after a performance or even in the street to let you know that you are hot, dope, bloody brilliant or anything else that lets you know they appreciate your work. Whats even better, is when you find out that your work has been studied and used for lessons in creative writing as a part of an instructors course work!

When I first received the phone call about the show I didn't really know how to feel. What do you say to a person that holds you in such high esteem? What do you say when someone tells you that you have helped them get through tough times in their life? Thank you doesn't seem to be enough.

It ceases to amaze me when I'm told that my work did something for someone. I always think, "wow, you're really listening to me?" For some reason I always feel like I'm just Ed, just a brother, just a friend, cousin, son, writer. I have always believed in putting my best foot forward in all that I do. I have always believed that I should be responsible for what I say to people, whether on stage or in regular conversation I am mindful of I you say because I never know how it may affect a person.

Years later, my phone rings, 4 weeks after that, she is standing on stage introducing me to her classmates, telling them how she never thought she would ever meet me, much less bring me to her school to perform. WOW

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