Tuesday, May 5, 2009

What Happened?

So, im sitting outside of the car insurance spot, kicking it with my daddy, when I see an elderly couple pull up.

They appear to be well into their 80's, yet they don't seem to have been slowed down by life much at all. All except for the Husband helping his wife out of the car and into the dialysis office.

I'm thinking to myself, when was the last time I witnessed something like this? More importantly, when have I seen folks my age treat each other with the same kind of respect and love?

I want to ask you all, when was the last time you saw such a thing? Were you on the giving or receiving end? Or was it something you saw that made you feel like TRUE love still exist?

I wanna know


Ccep J. Dew said...

Yesterday at the doctor's office, this older couple sat next to me, sharing candy. The husband commented that he had a swollen tendon or something in his wrist. The wife said she had the same and that she couldn't tell him about the surgery because it would make him sick. As he obviously showed concern about it, she told him the pain would only last 2 seconds. "2 seconds," he said. "Maybe 1," she said smiling. And he asked her if he could have another piece of her candy. It was so sweet. They were talking loud as crap like we weren't in a doctor's office, but sweet nonetheless. I have an aunt on each side of my family that has been happily married seemingly like forever, but we're not that close so the influence doesn't really hit me. With no solid, constant example from my immediate family or my husband's, you just have to have faith in each other, you know? True love still eXists. People just don't believe because they aren't willing to put in the effort and make the sacrifices...

Wonder Woman said...

Love is about the work. first within then what you give to the world. Its a commitment that one makes long before they show affection to another, its the accepting of it and the work to show others through your actions. That may sound easier said than done but really we love from birth. From that first look into our mothers eyes we are welcomed into the world with it. We through instinct seek it to comfort and protect us. Somewhere along the way situations cause us to question its existence but if you're a dreamer like me...it never ceases to exist. If you choose to act out of love daily it makes it easier for love to exist in your life. personally im in love with love and every beautiful person and situation that has shown me love in my life. I could only be so blessed to find a life partner to appreciate me as much as I do them and have it endure through decades of a life together. But till then...its good to see it around you in the loving couple at the grocery store, watching friends explore new love across a table or even enjoying the accounts of others as they witness it.

Kultivated said...

Let me start off by saying that I am still a hopeless romantic and I believe that true love still has a place in the world. The reason I have those values is because of my grandparents. In the past three years I lost both my grandmother and grandfather. My grandfather till about age 82 in a hotel kitchen. My grandmother had suffered two strokes, diabetes and was confined to a wheelchair. There were days where she would be in pain and as long as my grandfather was able bodied he would do anything possible to make sure she was okay. When my grandfather was not able to move about and was confined to a wheelchair himself he was absolutely depressed that he could not help her. He depended on other family members alot. I remember a conversation with him about six months before he passed where he was saying that he could not handle it if his wife died before him. He would not be able to handle it all. As he kept talking with the tears in his eyes that really hit me that I really need to embrace being able to have that kind of love for a woman. Lately I have been anti-woman due to past experiences but I hope that I am blessed with that kind of love.